I am an interdisciplinary artist working in visual, social, performative, and experiential collage. Trained as a visual artist, I have spent the last ten years re-considering collage as a tool for social engagement. My work provides a setting for participants to find common ground through creative and conversational exchange.

Through curating projects such as community murals, a living room lecture series, and dinner parties with strangers, I have outlined a philosophy of connectivity I call Link:Link. This philosophy encourages low-risk interpersonal exchanges as the foundation for transforming how we talk to and see and understand each other.

Link:Link believes random advice can become new fodder for hope.

Link:Link states that a casual chat with a stranger opens a childhood memory long forgotten.

Link:Link advocates that a scattered collection of objects ignites ideas for new possible worlds.

Link:Link trusts that in a fractured society, a dinner party can be a radical act.

Follow @linklinkclub for updates on my research in how none of us live in a vacuum.

sarahconarro@gmail.com //\\ instagram: @sarahconarro