Sarah began "Come Say Hey" in 2013 as a touring roadside stand culling words of advice from various populations in the South and on the East Coast. The piece has developed in the past two years to span mediums (from print to video, etc.), include collaborations with other artists, and to add to a growing library of advice and stories from participants. The latest iteration will be hosted in the Brooklyn Bridge Park in Fall 2015 and will include a multimedia installation and collaboration to be shown at the 99 Plymouth Street space. 


Conarro designed, organized events, coordinated with performers, and conducted the execution of a large scale piece in collaboration with the public radio station KXLL/Excellent Radio in Juneau, Alaska. Conarro curated a three part project by carefully choosing the layout, parts of the events, and tangible materials in order to highlight inclusion and attractiveness to anyone and parallel the inclusive nature of public radio itself.