Sarah designed a community arts project focusing on cross-pollination between the Gustavus community & professional artists from in and out of Alaska. The project consisted of a series of smaller projects each with the goal of creating creating contemporary work through investigating Gustavus experiences/hobbies/professions. Through this project the artist collective Link:Link Club was born. This project was funded by a Community Arts Development Grant through the Alaska State Council on the Arts.


Click to view article. Link:LInk Club = John CroweBrent CollinsJulian BozemanElizabeth Colestock, Patrick Bozeman, Erin Barnhart, Evan Silverstein.

A body of over 100 small works from fully realized to sketches, this showing transformed a very small ice cream shop in a temperate rainforest into a warm tropical you-want-to-eat-icecream space. The pieces ranged from 4x4 inches to 11x16 inches. 

This is a positive rap loop-based video combining analogue title makers, traditional stop motion, rotoscoped appropriated images, and music to express nine “positive personality traits.” Made in collaboration with Julian Bozeman, Sarah received a Career Opportunity Grant through the Alaska State Council on the Arts for this project. 

Sarah spent the months of November and December installing multiple brightly colored canvases across the full lengths and widths of the walls.  By covering the entirety of the walls with mirrors and bright colors, she changed the entire feel of the space, adding an element of warmth and surprise for all who entered the space during these darkest months of the year. Julian Bozeman collaborated by installing multiple projectors and creating a video and sound piece specifically for the culminating event week of the installation.  

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2014 The Alaska Experimental Video Mapping Project (Master Works Series) - Gastineau Edition

Sarah and Brooklyn-based artist Julian Bozeman lead one hundred and fifty K - 1st grade students in answering the question “What is one important place to you in Juneau?” Students created individual collages to represent each place and added these collages to a live video format for public use. This project was funded by the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

2013 The Alaska Experimental Video Mapping Project (Master Works Series) - Dzantik'i Heeni Edition

Sarah and Brooklyn-based artist Julian Bozeman lead two hundred 6th - 8th grade students in answering the question “What is one important place to you in Juneau?” Students created individual collages to represent each place and added these collages to a live video format and internet map for public use. This project was funded by the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

2013 Everything Does Something

This project is a traveling pop-up community engagement project that toured along the East Coast through the summer of 2013. Participants approaching the pvc-pipe roadside stand were asked to share advice writeen aCities included: Hammond, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; New Orleans, LA; Dahlonega, GA; Asheville, NC; Philadelphia, PA; Portland, ME; Providence; RI. 

2013 Basic Arts Institute Sitka AK

The Sitka Native Education Program invited Sarah to lead eighteen classroom teachers in creating a collaborative mural for the Tribal Youth Center in Sitka, Alaska. By considering important cultural questions, learning how to critique, learning how to use writing prompts as a form of idea investigation, and learning basic visual arts skills such as color mixing, the team finished a twelve-by-twelve foot painting for the exterior of the center. This center is dedicated to Tlingit culture learning. This project was facilitated by the Alaska Arts Education Consortium.

This performance installation created in collaboration with Ryan Conarro is a meditation on the Moments When Something Happens: shared memory; first-hand experiences; and spaces between. Joining forces with a team of designer-collaborators, Sarah and Ryan crafted a visual-sonic world with performance and visual components. This project was hosted by Generator Theater Company. Collaborators = Ellen Reid, J Bradley, Flordelino Lagundino, Kevin Riordan, Giselle Stone

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2012 No Situation Just A Series of Choices

This series consists of paintings, drawings and collage incorporated with wood in various forms — from recycled fir floor boards to pieces of charred cedar. This project was made in collaboration with Matt Davidson.

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2012 These Are the Paintings that Hang in My Living Room

For this project Sarah flipped her apartment walls inside out, recreating her own home onto the walls of both downtown Juneau Heritage Cafes.  

2012 Glitters

Sarah designed a glittery visual art and live music experiment with the public radio station KXLL/Excellent Radio in Juneau, Alaska. This three-part community project included: an all-ages event to play with glitter and bubbles to live found-instrument percussion; musical invention on an in-the-round stage by Tiger Pilot; and installation/continuance of the glitter project on the side of KTOO radio in downtown Juneau.

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2012 "Boys' Dleigu: Haandéi ax choonéitk'i" Window Painting

Sarah collaborated with Musician/Teaching Artist Ed Littlefield to create a window painting/backdrop in the Thunder Mountain High School commons in Juneau, Alaska.  The visual component was designed to relate to Ed's three musical interpretations (one Tlingit, one jazz, one contemporary/body percussion) of the traditional Tlingit lullaby "Boys' Dleigu: Haandéi ax choonéitk'i" by Charlie Joseph, a Tlingit elder from Sitka, Alaska.

Thunder Mountain High School's Art Teacher Heather Ridgway blogged about the window painting project: Post One - Plan/Design -- Post Two - paint/execute -- Post Three - finished product

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2012 Quanemciput Pilialput-llu

In April 2012 150 middle and high school students travelled from rural villages into Bethel, Alaska, to participate in the culminating grand theatrical performance based on cultural storytelling. Sarah worked with Juneau Theater Artist Ryan Conarro and Brooklyn Photographer Katie Basile on this project as our third and final phase of an arts-based education project investigating local history and current stories. Sarah lead students in creating a professional caliber set and backdrops for their performances in collaboration with Hood River Teaching Artist Shelley Toon Hight. This project was designed to increase relevance and motivation for students in cross-cultural classroom and was funded by the Alaska Humanities Forum and the Rasmuson Foundation.

2012 Yaakoosge Painting

Sarah lead with educators and students in grades 9-12 at Yaakoosge Daakahidi Alternative High School in creating six panels of paintings for the exterior of the school along the entrance walkway. The project received funding from the Alaska State Council on the Arts and The Alaska Association of School Boards for building community and assets through art. Click to view article. 

2011 Words of Advice

This letterpress mixed media project consists of thirty different lines of text printed on an Original Heidelberg Letterpress at Alaska Litho in Juneau, Alaska.  The four by four inch prints are all hand-stained as well as have individually done drawings.

The advice/opinions/demands on the cards falls (loosely) into five categories — kitchen, relationships, personal hygiene, active randomness and miscellaneous. This project was made in collaboration with Giselle Stone.

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2011 I choose Respect

Sarah was invited by teenagers to coordinate the creation of four 5 x 8 foot panels for the Nugget Mall in Juneau, Alaska. After completing the y0uth leadership in Anchorage “Lead On! For Peace and Equality in Alaska”, the teen group wanted to incorporate simple imagery integrated with local student response on how they choose and show respect, how they ask for help, how they set boundaries as well as why they love Juneau. Sarah ran the open-to-public painting sessions at the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council and at the University of Alaska Southeast. 

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2011 Swapping Fish Tales

Sarah coordinated projection and props design for Swapping Fish Tales, a project funded by the Kennedy Center Partners in Education grant . For this project, schools in Alaska and Maine explored fishing cultures of both communities using integrated technology. Research collected from trips out in the field and interviews with local fishermen formed the basis for a play performed by both elementary and high school students in both communities in Spring 2011. Sarah conducted Professional Development workshops for teachers as well as worked with high school students to execute designs. 

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2011 This is Who We Are

2011 Mendenhall River

Sarah painted fifty-six 2x2 ft panels with 375 K-5 students for permanent installation on their school's outside covered play area in Juneau, Alaska.

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2011 Auke Bay

paint and collage panels. grades K - 2 in Juneau, Alaska 2011


150 K-2 students painted and collaged thirty two-by-two foot wood squares for permanent installation in the interior of Auke Bay Elementary School. With Sarah's lead, students create individual drawings, tore their papers and shared the remnants with one another to begin the process of collage. Students painted the boards together to provide a home for the individual collages they had created earlier in the process. Sarah offered a professional development workshop for teachers within this residency titled “Integration of Collage into Primary and Secondary Curriculum”. The workshop included investigating the use of line, shape, harmony, rhythm, color, unity and proportion through writing and collage activities.

2010 The Great Lessons

The Montessori Borealis School invited Sarah to work with their 120 K-8 students in Juneau, Alaska. Together they painted, collaged and wrote a continuous narrative of 'The Great Lessons' for permanent installation reaching from the entrance to the building, through the hallways, and up a stairwell. Chris Trostel, upper elementary teacher, lists the` lessons within the theme as the following: 1. The Creation of the Universe 2. The Coming of Life to Earth, 3. The Emergence of the Human, 4. and 5. The Human Gifts: The Story of Invention/Math & The Story of Communication in Signs (our alphabet). 

2010 Sketches for Okie Pie

The inspiration for this project was Sarah's unborn yet-to-be-named son. Dubbed 'Okie' by his almost 3-year-old sisters, the baby was coming in only a few short weeks. Sarah posted a grid on the walls of the Ruby Room Gallery for the city of Juneau to offer name suggestions. She  surrounded the grid by sketches created each pregnancy trimester. 

2010 Raven From Downtown

2010 Art Shops

Sarah taught for an arts-in-education program for at-risk youth in low income housing developments. Her focus was student learning through art projects and field trips, community collaboration, multicultural awareness, and parental and familial communication and involvement. During this program, children created a backdrop for the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council Savikko Park Concerts. This program is funded through a Drug Elimination Program Grant from the Alaska Housing Finance Corp. and facilitated by the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council.

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2010 Folk Festival

2010 We See our Tundra

2009 J'taime Mon Petite Chou

2009 Thunder Mountain

2009 Sitka Fine Arts Camp

2009 Anvil City Science Academy

2009 Statehood Celebration


2009 Baranof Elementary

2009 Klukwan

2008 I Ate the Moonlight

2008 Gustavus School

2008 Between The Gastineau Channel And Mount Roberts

2007 Margot on My Mind

2007 The Sea as They See It

2007 Village by the Cliff

2006 The Canvas

2006 Juneau Gallery

2006 Kids in Movement


2005 Degradation

An arrangement of lithography, entaglio, and relief prints moving into paintings, drawings and an installation. This project was made in collaboratoin with Julian Bozeman.

2004 That Time

2003 Because It's Beautiful