Glitters is an experimental project designed by Sarah Conarro and executed in collaboration with KTOO Radio Station in Alaska's capital city of Juneau.

A cross-section of population, some of whom were coming for a family event, some of whom were coming for a late evening of music, and few of whom were coming to participate in a large-scale collaborative artwork, interfaced on the same project designed to hang on the exterior of the radio station. Viewable on the only main road into the city, the placement of the piece even involved those who otherwise would have no involvement with the project all, paralleling the inclusive nature of public radio itself.

On a micro-level, this was three events. zooming out a step, the events were tied together to create a piece of identifying the public radio station. zooming out one step more, the entire piece was a microcosm of the greater piece exemplifying life process in the final act of witnessing the ephemeral nature of the work as the elements gradually degraded the piece on the walls of the radio station.

collaborators included: Andy Klein, Ed Littlefield, Playboy Spaceman, and Tiger Pilot

Part 1 = open to the public/all-ages event, live found-instrument percussion, bubble-blowing and the creation of a large scale work using glitter and school glue on canvas followed by a late night 'musical invention' performance by two bands on an in-the-round stage.

Part 2 = installation of the work on the exterior of the downtown radio station.