Dreamscape Now

Dreamscape Now is an installation duo made out of Sarah Conarro and Julian Bozeman. A Dreamscape Now piece is defined as a collaborative effort to transform a familiar space and familiar objects into an immersive installations including sculpture, performance, projections, light, and sound imbued with positivity, meditation, collective enjoyment, and visual appeal. Each Dreamscape Now piece is built on the concept of “a new way of looking at the same old thing”.

Dreamscape Now pieces are devised and curated by Conarro and Bozeman to include other artists as collaborators. Inclusivity is critical to Dreamscape Now. By including collaborative artists, the pieces expand beyond Conarro and Bozeman’s potential and open the door to new ideas that push the Dreamscape Now philosophy : To create a soothing, positive, and immersive environment for people to feel welcome and included and to share in a collective experience.